Our Spur One has been nominated to compete for the Innovation Award in SPOGA Horse !


The rigidity of the spur’s outer branch and the first third of its inner branch allow the precision of the spur’s position with the side of the horse.

The revolutionary articulation of the freejump spur makes it possible to maintain this rigidity, ensuring the precision while offering an incomparable comfort thanks to the immediate adjustment of the spur to the width of the boot.


  • Articulated internal branch for an immediate and effortless adjustment of the spur to the width of the boot.
  • Carbon fiber body for lightness and rigidity ensuring the precision of the spur's adjustment.
  • Elastollan inner overmolding for a powerful grip on the boot.
  • Angled and profiled Spurs'straps apertures for an ergonomic positioning of the strap on the bridge of the foot.

Sold by pairs  / Unique size
4 set ends : round end: 15mm / Hammer end : 25 mm / Prince of Wales end : 25 mm / Extra Long end : 30 mm
Available in 3 colors  Black/ black – BlackPearl Blue – Black / Pearl red