Airbag Warranty

Airbag CE certified: the FREEJUMP Airbag is CE certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognized and independent institute that certifies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for equestrian riders.

Download the CE conformity declaration

The FREEJUMP Airbag comes with a 2-years warranty.

Please read carefully our User Guide  before registering your FREEJUMP Airbag, and receive a warranty extension and a Free Complete Overhaul.

Registering your FREEJUMP Airbag will allow you to :

– extend the limited 2-years warranty to a 4-years warranty,

– receive a FREE COMPLETE OVERHAUL of your FREEJUMP Airbag (a 79AU$ value), available for 2-years after the date of purchase


You recently purchased a Freejump airbag and we thank you for your trust. By registering your product after the purchase, you can benefit from 4 years warranty offer by Freejump (textile and electronics are excluded). To find out our warranty conditions click here. To register your product, you will need your serial number (located on your product), the date of purchase and your invoice.


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You recently purchased a freejump airbag and we thank you for your confidence. As our first goal is customer satisfaction we strictly comply with the quality and safety requirements of our products. This commitment is reflected in an extended warranty for our airbags and an after sales service that will always be pleased to help you.


1 – Legal Warranty

Our products are covered by a legal warranty against any manufacturing defect dating back to before purchase. The duration of the legal warranty varies according to the law applicable in each country.

2 – Freejump’s free 2-year warranty extension

Freejump users can benefit from a free 2-year warranty extension. To do so, register your airbag at by following the instructions and add it to your product list within 2 years of purchase. You will receive an email that confirms your successful registration that you have to keep with your invoice. In case of a problem with your product, please present this confirmation with the invoice to your dealer or Freejump’s customer service.

This extended warranty is valid on Freejump products purchased worldwide regardless of the dealer from whom you purchased your product (physical store or website).

It applies exclusively to the Freejump Airbag and covers a maximum of 4 years from the original purchase date. However, it may be transferred during the warranty period to another person as part of a resale. To do so, the new owner must have the original proof of purchase from the previous owner. Persons using the products for commercial purposes (resale, rental, etc.) are not eligible for the extended warranty.

Without proof of purchase/invoice and in the event that it is not valid or legible, your product will not be covered under warranty.

The textile of the product is not included in the warranty extension.

A product repaired or replaced under this warranty does not renew the warranty period.

Freejump reserves the right to change its warranty policy at any time. Your personal data is used for the purpose of the extended warranty and under no circumstances for commercial purposes. For more information, please consult our personal data processing policy. If your customer data changes, we ask you to update it quickly on your Freejump warranty account.

3- The warranty conditions

Freejump airbags are CE certified, are covered by a legal warranty and are eligible for a free extended warranty. Each airbag is rigorously tested before being sold. The product must only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.

These warranties cover manufacturing defects of the product.

Warranty claims will not be considered, if:

  • damage has been caused by improper handling, care or attempted repairs by the user;
  • normal wear and tear of the product;
  • the airbag system is damaged by an accident, fall negligence or event;
  • modification or repair of the product by the user or an unqualified and unauthorized professional;
  • the airbag system is damaged or destroyed by force majeure;
  • the product has been used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended;
  • subjective judgments by the customer such as design, comfort, fit, etc.

4 – Our after-sales service procedure

If you notice a problem with your airbag, the easiest way is to go back to the store where you purchased it or contact your Internet reseller. You can also contact our customer service by email at [email protected] and explain us your problem. For a fast and efficient service, we ask you not to return your product without first contacting your dealer or our customer service.

After contacting us, please follow our return procedure. It consists in returning your complete product (all mechanical components, lanyard, full or empty gas cartridge) to us at the address we have given you. For any request for warranty coverage, you must attach a copy of your invoice or proof of purchase. We ask you to return your product in a strong and good quality packaging.

If your product is covered by warranty then Freejump will be responsible for shipping costs, labor, repairs and replacement of parts.

If your product is not covered by warranty, we will send you a free quote before any intervention on our part. No action will be taken without your consent.

If we are unable to repair your product for any reason, we reserve the right, with your agreement, to replace it with an equivalent product.

You will not be able to claim a refund for your product under our warranty.

All Freejump airbags returned to after-sales service are subject to a systematic complete overhaul.

If you do not follow our return procedure and your warranty claim is unjustified then we reserve the right to charge you for an inspection.