Freejump was inspired by Shakespeare with its Top Riders acting in a summer play whose leading role was first held by Michael JUNG (LIBERTY XC EVO/SOFT'UP PRO). 
In the background: Blair Castle in Scotland, and last but not least the mythical Hickstead and Achen grounds…
1st August Year XV: it was a long story certainly told by the ringmaster of Hickstead with the King Georges V Gold Cup at stake. The end story was one more time the victorious Beezie MADDEN (SOFT'UP PRO) and her faithful CORTES C.
A few days later… in the Brabant-Septentirional province … which sounds like a medieval trench … the best in the world faced during the Valkensward GCT leg. Germany and France allied climbing and 1st and 2nd steps, under the colors of Marco KUTSCHER (SOFT'UP PRO) with Van Gogh and Simon DELESTRE (Hermès stirrups by Freejump) riding Qlassic Bois Margot.
The summertime reached a high in August with the European Championships in Achen. Simon DELESTRE again, but with Ryan des Hayettes this time, received the Bronze individually; and Martin FUCHS (SOFT'UP PRO) was shining with the same metal shade with the Swiss team !
Riding fast again to the British empire for September 1st and the Burghley Horse Trials, one of the only six 4* eventing shows ran every year. No drama here as Michael JUNG and Tim PRICE (SOFT'UP PRO) finish simply 1st and 2nd !
Final summer stop: any better place to stage the European Eventing Championships than Scotland ?
In a decorum worthy of Mac Beth, there was no tragedia either since Queen Elizabeth II covered with Gold (individual and team!) a Michael JUNG who is indeed far from bowing out …

photo credit: FEI / Jon Stroud