« People’s stars are dirfferent. Stars can be guides to some of us. To others stars are merely small lights. To the scientists stars are just problems. They were like gold for my businessman. » (Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint Saint-Exupéry)

Our Freejump riders were all this together, the stars of their shows !

There was a "Supernova" in France : the fireworks took place at the « Etoiles de Pau » CCI4* where very positive energies came together with Michael JUNG (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) and Fischerrocana FST in 2nd, Tim PRICE (SOFT'UP PRO) and Wesko in 3rd, followed by Joseph MURPHY (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) and DHI Top Story in 13th.

In « aurora borealis country », the stars were shining too : the Worldcup in Helsinki saw in 5th and 10th Hans-Dieter DREHER (SOFT'UP PRO) with Embassy II and Martin FUCHS (SOFT'UP PRO) with Clooney 51, but it was above all the illuminated Romain DUGUET (Hermès stirrups by Freejump) who took home this CSI5*-W trophy !

Nicola PHILIPPAERTS (SOFT'UP PRO) along with H&M Forever D'Arco ter Linden were the young bright stars who showed up at the Washington President's Cup CSI4*-W stepping on the podium 3rd step ! 

The winning casting of stars had to wake up early in the land of the rising sun, Beijing and its CSI3* ! Ludger BEERBAUM (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY EVO) wins the GP with Leonidas in front of Marco KUTSCHER (SOFT'UP PRO) and Cinetto, followed closely by Rolf-Göran BENGTSSON (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY EVO) and Calado respectively in 4th and 6th !