12 years after its first shoes and chaps’collection developed with Ludger Beerbaum, freejump is revolutionizing once again 
the equestrian products concentrating all its footwear expertise into the first boots ever designed exclusively for women.

Liberty One, directly inspired of the Liberty' shoes and chaps with Kevin Staut is already Olympic Champion in Rio last summer. 

freejump’s solid experience and innovative approach combined with the aesthetic vision of Pininfarina gave life to a new, outstanding Collection. Excellence, style and performance shape this unique equestrian equipment.

Why Pininfarina ?

The history of Pininfarina design is about gentlemen, challenges and craftsmanship and it is reflected in its ability to bring a concept to life, with lines of timeless beauty
and elegance.

Today Pininfarina brand represents an icon of premiumness, advanced design and performance and the extraordinary family history makes Pininfarina brand unique in the world.

2 years of research and development were necessary to the creation of Leading Edge Foxy, with the Olympic Champion Penelope Leprevost who contributed to the development and validation of a boot without compromises.


Liberty One Available in your nearest Freejump authorized reseller

Foxy boots available in the begining of april