On the sandy trails from Madrid to London via Geneva and Paris, the Freejump riding team didn’t need to play Bogeyman – with horses – to find cups and rosettes under their hooves!

The World’s Cup Grand Prix of Madrid rewarded our ambassadors one month exactly before Christmas: Kévin Staut (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY ONE) at the 2nd place, Ludger Beerbaum (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY) in the 4th, the following one for Denis Lynch (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY ONE) 5th, whereas Henrik Von Eckermann (SOFT’UP PRO) closed the dance; 8th.

In Paris in the beginning of December, four other riders under Freejump’s color, in the Longines FEI Master's degrees Grand Prix: Bertram Allen (SOFT’UP PRO) tooks the 2nd place, behind Max Kuhner (SOFT’UP PRO) 5th, Simon Delestre (Hermès stirrups by Freejump) 7th, and Nicola Philippaerts (SOFT’UP PRO) 8th.

Belgique-France-Suisse were also briliant competitors for the honors of Grand Prix Rolex in the CHI of Geneva: Olivier Philippaerts (SOFT’UP PRO) gets back in the 2nd place, Kévin Staut (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY ONE) the 4th, and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY ONE) the 5th.

The very festive CSIW of London (December 13rd -19th) decorated Nicola Philippaerts and Olivier Robert (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY) 3rd and 8th place of Grand Prix 160, as well as Harrie Smolders (SOFT’UP PRO) winner of the GP 150, and Kévin Staut who rises on the 2nd step of the podium.

Who said one needs 8 reindeers to fly ! Rolf-Göran Bengtsson wore its champion's boots with its faithful Casall to offer himself the Global Champions Tour in the country of the thousand dunes.

Photo credit : Olympia The International Horse Show