Here is a note about the harvest and crops of our Freejump riders over the past 2 weeks.

They are not left eaten all raw in Chantilly and Rome 5 * :
Ludger Beerbaum (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY) takes the GP and he was 6th in the Master AIRBUS ahead of Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (X'UP / LIBERTY) 10th and Olivier Philippaerts (SOFT'UP PRO) 10th;
At the Chantilly Champions League, the scrupulous duo Gonzalo Anon (SOFT'UP PRO) – Pedro Veniss (SOFT'UP PRO) impose their team "Madrid in motion" at the forefront, while the Rome Gladiators, Laura Renwick ( SOFT'UP PRO) and Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (SOFT'UP PRO) took the second place of the podium.
Transition all made for Rome, where France and United States teams are equal 2nd of the Nations Cup podium, represented by Kevin Staut (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY), Simon Delestre (Hermès stirrups by Freejump) and Kent Farrington (SOFT'UP PRO).
In Reims CSI 2 *, René Lopez (SOFT'UP PRO) go up to 3rd place in the Grand Prix.
In Eventing, Nicolas Touzaint (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY XC) also collected his third place of the Lion d'Angers.

Two "Holy" and Grand Crus 5 * were taking place this weekend:
Harvest in Saint Tropez: Julien Epaillard (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY) wins the 1st event (145 in two phases) while Simon Delestre ranks on 3 podiums with two first place and a third in the GP. Just behind Kevin Staut finishing 4th at the GP which was won by none other than John Whitaker (SOFT'UP PRO)!
The victory of the GP of St. Gallen goes to Hans Dieter Dreher (SOFT'UP PRO). A fresh French team gathers 2nd place in the Nations Cup, with Timothy Anciaume (SOFT'UP PRO) and Cedric Angot (SOFT'UP PRO).

We should remind that the tension is high in those preparatory times for the Rio games. Show jumping and dressage riders now expect the Rotterdam CSIO and CDIO from June 23 to 26, while completists will shine one last time in Haras du Pin … essential steps to the Olympic Games recruitment!

crédit photo: scoopdyga