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In may 2019, we acquired Oscar & Gabrielle, the pioneer brand for airbags’compatible (Helite Zip’In) competition jackets.

Martin Fuchsstarted this adventure with us in July 2019, for the first time riding the legendary Grand Prix of Aix la Chapelle in Oscar & Gabrielle jacket and Helite Zip’in Airbag.

In December 2019, Martin Fuchs won the Geneva Grand Prix with the prototype of the new Freejump Airbag jacket, only a few months after becoming the new European Champion.

After 8 months of R&D in collaboration with Helite, this new Freejump Airbag, is the result of our dedication for innovation, our desire for ever greater performance, comfort and safety for riders.

We are proud to announce the commercial launch of this new range “Freejump Airbag Technology” with the Freejump Airbag and compatible clothing lines.

The first units will be available exclusively  at the Jumping of Bordeaux February 7 to 9th. Then in the Nations Cup in Wellington and in Gothenburg Horse Show later this month.

* public price euro zone : 599€

Yann Dubourg,